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Unsere Grundidee war eine Massagepraxis zu gründen, die eine positive Wirkung auf das Leben Anderer hat und die im Einklang mit der Buddhistischen Lehre steht. Unser Team (freiberuflich und fest angestellt) ist ausgebildet in traditionelle Thai Massage im Wat Po Tempel, in Bangkok, Thailand und bringen mehrere Jahre Erfahrung mit. Zusätzlich offerieren wir Ölmassagen, Fussreflexology und Paarmassage an.

Unser Standort:

Sathu Thai Massage befindet sich an der Nollendorfstrasse 16 in Berlin-Schöneberg, nur 300 Meter von der U- Bahn & Bus Station Nollendorfplatz enfernt. Sie erreichen uns einfach mit der U1/U2/U3/U4, Bus M19, 106 und 187.

Vom Nollendorfplatz aus gehen Sie die Maassenstrasse entlang und bei der ersten Querstrasse rechts in die Nollendorfstrasse. Nach etwa 150 Meter finden Sie uns.


Sathu Thai Massage Berlin

Sathu Thai Massage Berlin

Treating the body with massages is an old tradition that continues to this day. Studies show that massage is an effective treatment for treating pain, but also for relaxation. The Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretching and acupressure and works with the body's energy lines, while the oil massage is a more relaxing form of massage with odorless oils or aromatic oils. You work with calm movements all over your body. More focus on muscle kneading and relaxation. Would you like to find out more about our massage treatments?
Rufen Sie uns unter +49 30 9838 9481 an. Herzlich willkommen.

Thai massage and oil massage to treat various problems that can occur with old age or wear from hard work and sports injuries, etc. The Thai massage can alleviate and prevent to a certain extent, while the oil massage is suitable for people who want a more relaxed massage treatment. Repeated treatments are recommended to achieve the best possible effect. If you would like to find out more about our massage treatments, please do not hesitate to visit or call us. +49 30 9838 9481

Sathu Thai Massage Berlin


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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage. The Thai massage consists of passive stretching positions and stretching movements taken from yoga, mobilization of the joints and pressure point massages. This means that on certain parts of the body the therapist is exerted a gentle but also certain pressure with your hands, knees, elbows and feet.

Aroma Oil Massage

Aroma oil massage. With the use of essential oils, body, mind and soul are influenced in a positive way. The Thai aromatic oil massage is an energetic massage with alternating stroking and kneading massage strokes as well as gentle stretching and stretching, which bring about rest and relaxation throughout the body. The energy can flow again and blockages are released.

Thai-Sport Massage

Thai + sports massage As a supplement to the classic massage, this type specifically deals with the problems caused by sports and prevents them.

Relax Massage with Aroma Oil

Relaxation, Lomi Lomi massage. A Lomi massage is not only for relaxation, but also for physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. Energy (mana) flows in a healthy body. Blockages cause illness or can manifest themselves as physical tension. The massage is intended to remove these blockages on a physical and mental level and restore harmony between body, mind and soul. This massage usually lasts around two hours, a lot of oil is used. The practitioner works not only with the hands, but with the entire forearm including the elbows. The strength of the massage can vary, even within one treatment. So it can be very gentle and soothing, but also demanding, going into pain to release deep tensions.

Foot Massage

Reflexology. The reflexology massage is based on the theory that every organ is reflected on the foot. The precisely defined reflex zones on the feet are stimulated with a specific and flowing pressure technique. It can improve blood flow to the organs and relieve tension, balance the flow of energy in the body and thus relieve pain and discomfort.

Head-Shoulders-Back Massage

Head-shoulder-back massage. Sedentary activities are often the cause of tension in the back and neck area. The muscles are loosened and refreshed through a targeted treatment of the back, shoulders and neck. A variety of grip techniques in combination with beneficial oils achieve a circulation-promoting, relaxing, stress and pain-relieving effect.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage. The combination of the primal power of the stones, the heat treatment and the massage soothes, relaxes and increases the metabolic processes in the tissue. Lymph flow and the immune system are stimulated and the removal of metabolic products is promoted

Thai Massage with Thai Herbals Compress Ball

Thai massage with herbal stamp. This form of massage is practiced with the help of Thai herbal stamps. These are heated with hot steam and then placed on the body or used directly for massage. The herbs give off their essential oil and help with the blood circulation with beneficial effects. A relaxed attitude to life.

4 Hands Massage (2 Masseuse)

4 hands massage. With the 4-hand massage, you will be massaged by 2 people at the same time, which consists of synchronous, flowing movements and aroma oil massage techniques. This guarantees maximum relaxation and enjoyment. , , a wonderfully soothing, beneficial therapy for body and mind.

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